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I have been into hot rodding since 1965 . My first hot rod was a1934 Chevy Highboy Coupe powered by a Ford Flathead V8 no less,I then built a 29 A Roadster powered by a 272 cu in Ford V8 followed by another 29/32 highboy roadster with a 283 cu in Chevy V8.Next came a 1934 Ford 4door sedan powered by a 272 cu in Ford V8 ,which was sold to finance the rebuild again for the 29 A roadster with a Jag rear and 283 cu in Chevy V8 as well as an independent front end.I eventually sold the roadster to buy a1938 Ford Club Coupe ,which my wife thought was ugly so it was swapped for a1936 Ford Coupe that I slipped a 308 cu in Holden V8 into.

The birth of my first son Matthew meant that the 1936 Coupe was too small so a1937 Ford Coupe was found upside down in a gully and dragged home. This was rebuilt first with a 1953 SV V8 which didn't last too long and was replaced by a 283 cu in Chevy V8 ,I then found a 1937 Ford Cabriolet back half in a quarry which was taken home and a for major buildup.
This is now my current rod powered by a 350cu in Chev V8 ,turbo 350 trans and a 9" Ford rear HG Holden front end with Austin 1800 R&P, red tuck & roll interior.
STOP PRESS: I have just sold this vehicle to Dennis Walford in Sydney NSW  Nov 2001.

I am currently building a 1937 Willys Pickup which was found in a creek burnt out and buldozed, It will be a bit of a challenge but it should look really neat with a bit of work.I am also assisting my son Matthew with his 1935 Ford Pickup which is coming along nicely.Now finished see below.

                                  Current Projects
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                                  1938 WillysCoupe                  1937 Willys Pickup Sold              1941 Ford COE Truck

                                                                                Matt's 1935 Ford Pickup
                                                                                      Click here for rear view and interior shot.

I am a member of various Hot Rod Clubs and Organizations including:

Australian Street Rod Federation

Rattlers Hot Rod Club

Willys Downunder Club

ACT District Hot Rod History    A pictorial history from 1965 to the present day

One of the aims of this web page is to assist you in finding that elusive article in various Street Rod magazines.You all know how long it takes to thumb through all your magazines,Well this page will just make it a bit easier especially if your magazines are in date order.
I have been cataloguing magazine articles for about 8 years now and I have just about caught up. Not all magazines are in this list; Just the ones available in Australia and the ones I could afford at  the time. Most of the listings are from yearly Magazine Indexes ,so if by some chance you find a mistake it was probably wrong in the Index .For the rest it has meant thumbing through the Magazine,a very time consuming  job.

American Rodder Features                              Aug 1988 onwards
American Rodder technical                               "       "         "
US Street Rodder Features                             May 1972  No 1 onwards
US Street Rodder Technical                              "       "       "
US Street Rodder Illustrated Features             1984-1986           NEW JAN 2006
US Street Rodder Illustrated Technical            1984-1986           NEW JAN 2006
US Street Rodder Collectors Features            1980-1982           NEW JAN 2006
US Street Rodder Collectors Technical           1980-1982           NEW JAN 2006
US Street Rod Features                          JANUARY 1972- Vol 2 #1--------- JULY 1973-Vol 3 #7   NEW  JAN 2006
US Street Rod Technical                          JANUARY 1972- Vol 2 #1--------- JULY 1973-Vol 3 #7   NEW  JAN 2006
US Rod & Custom Features                           Nov  1961  onwards
US Rod & Custom Technical                           "        "          "
US Rod Action Features                                 0ct   1972-June 1995
US Rod Action Technical                                  "        "       "        "
Australian Graffiti Books
Australian Street Rodding Features                  April 1977 0nwards
Australian Street Rodding Technical                    "        "         "
Australian Restored Cars                                 Odd issues
Australian Custom Rodder Features                 Spring 1967-Jan 1994  Complete set
Australian Custom Rodder Tecnical                      "        "       "       "           "          "
Australian HOT ROD Features                        Almost a complete set  NEW JUNE 2008
Australian HOT ROD Technical                       Almost a complete set  NEW JUNE 2008
New Zealand Hot Rod Features                      April 1979-1988 + A Few odd issues
New Zealand Hot Rod Technical                      "       "         "        "     "     "       "
Rodders Digest Features                                 #43 onward
Rodders Digest Technical                                 "        "
1001 Custom & Rod Ideas Features               Fall 1967 - 1981
1001 Custom & Rod Ideas Technical               "       "         "
Street Rod Builder Features
Street Rod Builder Technical
Australian Cruzin Features
Australian Cruzin Technical
Custom Classic Trucks Features
Custom Classic Trucks Technical

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